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Beer, Wine and Cheese Making

Classes and Demos - 2015

Beer and Wine Classes

The following classes will be available for 2013
The cost of each WINE CLASS is $15.00 (to cover the cost of materials, samples and glasses) 
The cost of each BEER CLASS is $10 (to cover the cost of materials and glasses)- no beer samples can be given.
The cost of the class is payable the day of the class. Each class lasts approximately 2 hours.
Call 330-633-7223 to make a reservation.  Reservations are required. Seating is limited and done on a first come first serve basis. Classes are typically scheduled from October thru April. Please check back to see the updated class date list.
You must be 21 years of age to attend.

Beginning Winemaking

October 24th 2015- 2 pm till 4:30 pm

January 16th 2016- 2 pm till 4:30 pm


* In the Beginning Winemaking Class, we will discuss the winemaking process, wine styles, testing and adjusting the must and equipment needed for home winemaking. The winemaking process as it relates to a wine kit will be stressed. A wine tasting will be conducted. Artisan Breads and Italian Cheeses will be provided. Topics such as racking, topping, sulfiting and sanitizing will be covered in-depth and a wine kit will be made. All majors steps will be demonstrated.




Beginning Beer


October 17th- 2 pm till 4:30 pm

December 12th 2015- 2 pm till 4:30 pm

January 23rd 2016- 2 pm till 4:30 pm


*In the Beginner/Intermediate Beer brewing class, we will discuss the flavor and aroma of various malts and hops. In-depth information will be provided regarding yeast and yeast culturing. We will demonstrate the intermediate beer brewing process and stress sanitation, yeast and water quality and recipe formulation. We will also discuss the use of the hydrometer and the beer judge certification program. No beer samples will be given due to current Ohio liquor laws.
All Grain Beer Brewing Class


November 21st 2015- 2 pm till 4:30 pm

February 27th 2016- 2 pm till 4:30 pm


* In the All-Grain Brewing class, we will cover such topics as mash and wort pH, mashing, sparging, boiling and hopping an all-grain wort. We will demonstrate the all-grain brewing method (mash-in, protein rest, sacrification rest, mash-out and sparge). We will demonstrate the use of Pro-Mash software and discuss various forms of mashing and sparging. No beer samples will be given due to current Ohio liquor laws.




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